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Fire + slow shutter speed = art

2 May

While the s’mores were good, my roommate and I had more fun drawing with the flames after tonight’s bond fire.


Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

12 Nov

I finally made it to the National Zoo!

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It was a beautiful fall day and my friend Kathy and I meandered through the animal exhibits, fighting our way through children and families to see the pandas and the big cats. It was a great way to catch up and enjoy the weather.

As Kathy and I walked through the small mammal house, we noticed several enclosures for Golden Lion Tamarins. Apparently the zoo has been part of a conservation program since the 1970s.


If you’re planning a trip to the zoo, keep in mind that there is LOTS of walking — or should I say climbing because there are LOTS of hills. Also, even though the Metro stop is called “Woodley Park-Zoo,” it’s still a good hike away from the zoo’s entrance. But the best part about the zoo? It’s free!


7 Jul
Peter K at 90

Great-Uncle Pete, two weeks after his 90th birthday

This is the face of a man who landed on the beaches of Normandy. That’s the hand of a life-long locksmith and carpenter. Those are the eyes of a man looking at his wife of 63 years. That’s the smile of a man in extreme physical pain but great emotional joy to see his family.

This is my great-uncle, and he is 90 years old.