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Roses on the Ascension

20 May

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The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America has beautiful gardens and I’d have to say the crowning jewels are the roses.

This morning I decided to attend Mass at the monastery and snap some shots before the roses fade away for the season. When I found myself at the Ascension Chapel, a praying visitor reminded me that it was the chapel’s feast day, the fortieth day after Easter which commemorates Christ’s ascension to heaven.

Climbing on the portico walls to find good lighting and healthy flowers, I was accompanied by huge bumblebees. While they were buzzing around, their determination was so focused that I didn’t need to worry about them bothering me. It was fun to just watch them do their late springtime thing.


Sunny blossoms

9 Mar

yellow tree flowers

These flowers were like little blossoms of sunshine.

Photo taken on my Samsung Galaxy Captivate phone.

Red carnation

28 Feb

red carnation

This is not turning into a flower blog, I promise you. My roommate brought this back from a retreat for me.

Here’s some (Wikipedia) trivia for you:

  • The red carnation is the state flower of Ohio (the birthplace of my roommate, ironically) in honor of the assassinated President William McKinley who used to wear them in his lapel.
  • The carnation the national flower of Spain and Slovenia.
  • In France, the carnation is a funeral flower.
  • In Korea, children give red and pink flowers to their parents for Parents Day.


By any other name

27 Feb

pink rose

I meant to bring this rose back with me to school but alas, I left it at my parents’ house. My grandmother gave it to me on Friday night during one of my belated birthday celebrations. At least I have the picture by which to remember it.