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Fire + slow shutter speed = art

2 May

While the s’mores were good, my roommate and I had more fun drawing with the flames after tonight’s bond fire.


January bonfire

8 Jan

Last night was a fairly mild for January, so my roommates and I decided to make the most of it by making a fire in our backyard. This was my first excursion to the backside of our property.

Cathleen headed up the construction of the fire, selecting the best branches from the yard and arranging them just so. She was our resident expert having built so many fires at her family’s camp in central Pennsylvania.

I gathered what I would call “urban kindling” – dryer lint and junk mail. Admittedly, our clothes smelled a little funny from all the weird stuff we burned.

The other roommates made a run for s’more supplies. I had been craving their chocolatey toasty goodness forever so the treats definitely hit the spot – even though we had to use gluten-free marshmallows because our closest grocery is a health food store.

The change of scenery (and the brisk air) made for a refreshing Saturday night. We often spend our downtime watching movies, so it was nice to hang around the campfire. Without leaving DC, I was transported back to  my Girl Scout camping trips and college retreats. There’s some kind of quiet nostalgia about watching the flames flicker as you get comfortable in your sweatshirt.