When I launched this blog on my 22-birthday — February 14, 2011 — I had just entered the age of twenty-something. With less than a semester left at university, I knew I was heading off to the real world soon.

So how do I celebrate this new life change? By starting a blog.

I just finished my Photo360 blog in January, after taking a picture every day of 2010. The SwampFrog Blog that documented my life at college for the sake of my relatives and friends would wrap up at graduation. And my journalism student blog would continue to cover my early career until it was time for a new professional blog.

This new blog takes over where Photo360 and SwampFrog left off. Instead of limiting myself to photos or tiring myself out trying to take the perfect one every single day, I’m letting Vigntaine’s content flow naturally. If I feel like posting a photo, I do. If I feel like posting a video, I do. I can also post quotes, recipes, jokes — WHATEVER I WANT! So many big things happen in the life of a 20-something, I want to be able to share them all.

About the name:  “Vigntaine” is French for “twenty-something.” I wanted something I could use for a while (all the English versions of “twenty-something” were taken, and I’m a francophile anyway). I think in nine years I’ll be ready for a new format.



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