The custom-made satchel

17 Oct

It’s here!

My new handmade bag

My old khaki satchel was so beat up and worn that my mother finally persuaded me to replace it. She suggested having her friend Nenelo sew me a new bag. It was a perfect solution because I could never find a suitable replacement ins stores. I have two Gator bags made by Nenelo that I love.

So my mom and I went to Joann Fabric’s and bought a sandy denim for the exterior and a neutral pattern of outdoor fabric (like for patio furniture) for the interior. Both durable materials were on sale and we had a coupon for an additional 20 percent off – score!

I loved my old bag because the strap was adjustable and it was large enough to hold my camera, wallet, umbrella and light sweater, among other things. Plus, it had sentimental value because I bought it from Target for my high school trip to France and London and since took it to Chicago, New York, back to France and on countless other trips and local adventures.

Nenelo was able to use the  hardware from my old bag so that the new one would also have an adjustable strap. The rest of the original satchel was saved so that it could be incorporated into a future t-shirt memory quilt.

A look inside

Khaki bag 2.o has more pockets and a magnetic closure instead of the Velcro that tended to accumulate strings and lint in the original. Another benefit of 2.0? We supported a local craftswoman!

I look forward to making new memories with the bag and taking it on adventures in Washington D.C. and beyond.


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