College students! Good news about Goodwill

4 Oct

Photo by Flickr user Lukinosity (creative commons license)

Apparently if you show your college ID at Goodwill, you get 10 percent off your purchase!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn this today while picking up a few winter things for my upcoming move.   It’s a good thing I still look like a youngin’ or else she would have never thought to offer it to me.

I asked if this was a new deal and the saleswoman said it had been around a while.

So how come I’d never heard of this before? I raided all the Goodwills in Gainesville for warm work clothes to wear on my mission trip last year. Maybe the stores in college towns/near schools don’t offer the discount?

For those of you seeking an even better deal, Goodwill has a list of bargain-hunting tips.


One Response to “College students! Good news about Goodwill”

  1. niftythriftygoodwill October 5, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    i know they give senior discounts and sometimes military discounts, but never heard of student discount! that would be amazinggg. thanks for sharing.

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